There is More To Being
An Author Than Writing A Book

Your Book is Only a Beginning:

Be Your Own Personal Media Brand!

DreamSculpt helps you build your personal brand platform and authentically engage with your audience. We help you develop your book in a distinct and commercially viable way so that you can stand out in a crowded space.

DreamSculpt is a personalized approach to the publishing process

Dedicated to the Development of the Author and their Mission

DreamSculpt Books and Café Of Dreams Press are imprints of Waterside Productions, the world-class literary agency behind many bestselling authors including Eckhart Tolle author of A New Earth and Marie Kondo author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.



Book Brand


Although the content of a book may have great literary merit, if the content is not organized and presented in the most engaging way – a book can go unnoticed.



We can help you build your personal brand and position your book long before launching it and attract your audience through a dazzling presentation that articulates the soul of your book through various media tools including giveaway media e-books and video teasers.



Our virtual webinars and group programs will help you develop both the content and the structure of your book in the most distinctly branded way, as well how to build your personal media platform and build your Capital Dream.